Scuba Dive Isla Mujeres

For Certified Divers:

We offer one or two tank reef dives to Manchones #1 and #2, MUSA, Atlantis, the Bay Cross, Media Luna and more!

$70 usd for 1 tank dive
$80 usd for 2 tank dive
($15 usd ) for equipment rental

For the advanced divers, we have wreck dives, drift dives or night dives. We can check out the Cañonero Wrecks, Ultrafreeze, El Chairel, Bandera Reef and others…

$115 usd for 2 tanks
$110 usd for 1 tank night dive

Resort Course:

Learn how to scuba dive. Here in the Caribbean is your chance to discover the Under Water World. We watch a short video, theory, shallow water exercises and then a dive on the reef!

$115 usd all equipment included ( $25 U.S. extra) for a second tank.

Get PADI Certified!!!

Our warm, clear turquoise waters are the perfect place for doing your open water certification. Most of our reefs are only 35ft. Deep, the perfect training depth while you enjoy the beauty of the underwater world. The PADI lifetime Open Water Certification includes: the required Padi open water manual, all the theory, instruction, equipment, entrances to marine parks, paperwork, shallow water exercises and the 4 open water training dives. It takes 3-5 days to complete. Our instructors have years of experience, are fully bilingual and are available to schedule around your holiday time.

We also offer RESCUE, ADVANCED and DIVE MASTER certifications.

Have you done your academic and confined water training at home and want to finish you certification here in the Caribbean? We offer a REFERRAL, just be sure to bring your universal referral form and 2 passport pictures.

PADI Open water certification $430 usd
Referral $320 usd  (all equipment and paperwork included)